Sofia, Bulgaria

On our way to Varna on the Black Sea Coast for In The Palace International Short Film Festival, we spend a few days in the capital, Sofia.

Sofia is relaxed, easy to walk around and inexpensive…
Bright sunshine, great food, wine and beer – what more could you ask for?
Yesterday afternoon we happened to see a small Gay Rights parade, protected by an enormous force of security police, as they passed the beautiful gold-domed St Nikolai ‘the miracle maker’ Russian Church.

When the parade had passed, we went inside this small church with its smoke-blackened murals and ancient icons to accidentally join in a mass which included lots of incense action by the immaculately groomed long-haired and bearded young priests, lots of crossing and bowing by the small group of pious women in long dresses and head scarves, quite a bit of icon kissing, and some of the most beautiful singing I’ve ever heard from a tiny choir in this acoustically superb domed space.

What an amazing contrast this city is!




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