Aspen Shortsfest – Day 6

Sunday April 15 2012

After a slow morning, a bunch of us catch the bus with Kat Parkin to the end of snow-season party at Highlands. It is an amusing scene, with skiers dressed in an imaginative array of bizarre costumes. Marisa and Sasha get creative and build a snowman, with lots of encouragement from the rest of us who don’t want to plunge into the deep snow drift.

It really is like a scene out of some Spring Break flick, with the beer flowing in metaphorical rivers, and it is clearly going to get pretty messy later in the day.

But we have other things on our mind, and return to town to rest up before the Awards dinner at Rustique Restaurant.

It is a very enjoyable evening, with good food, drink and company.

We are thrilled that Ochre and Ink is presented with both a Special Jury Recognition Award and an Audience Special Recognition Award.

At the same time we receive news that Ochre and Ink has been nominated for an Australian Directors Guild Award for best stand alone documentary.

So it is a great night for us, and we happily stumble home around midnight, sidestepping the last soggy drifts of snow.

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