Aspen Shortsfest – Day 5

Saturday April 14 2012

After a breakfast get-together in the Filmmakers Lounge at the Mountain Chalet, there is a very entertaining and inspiring panel discussion at the Wheeler – ‘ The Sometimes Hilarious Pain of Writing Funny’. With the talents of  Mike Reiss, longtime writer for ‘The Simpsons’, Robert Weibe, writer for ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ etc, Alexander Payne, director of ‘Sideways’ & ‘The Descendants’ etc, Shauna Cross, screenwriter of the film ‘Whip It’ etc, and moderated by Award-winning comedy writer Elias Davis, this event is a festival highlight.

An amusing and informative discussion reveals many home truths about writing, especially comedy, but anything really. Gets me thinking about getting some of my drama/ comedy scripts out of the bottom draw and reworking them!

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