FIFO Tahiti

10 February 2012  FIFO – Pacific International Documentary Film Festival, Tahiti.

OCHRAND INK wins a Special Jury Prize at the FIFO Award Ceremony at the Grand Theatre in Papeete.

Xiaoping, Cathy & James are on stage to accept the prize, which James dedicates to his dear brother Michael who tragically passed away last week.

Congratulations to all our fabulous crew, especially Producer Rachel Clements.

Xiaoping, Cathy, James and Jury members on stage for the  FIFO awards presentation at the Grand Theatre in Papeete

9 February 2012

James & Xiaoping with some new friends at the Mayor’s party at the Papeete Hôtel de Ville

3 February 2012

Cathy Li and Zhou Xiaoping are  in beautiful Tahiti enjoying the wonderful FIFO hospitality and promoting Ochre and Ink

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