Ochre and Ink tells the extraordinary story of artist Zhou Xiaoping and his inspiring collaboration over 23 years with Aboriginal artists in outback Australia.
 Trained as a traditional Chinese brush painter in Anhui Province, Xiaoping arrived in Australia in 1988 knowing almost nothing about the country. On a whim, he traveled to the heart of […]


DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT Ochre and Ink tells a moving story of cross-cultural friendship and artistic collaboration with elements of humour, controversy, and tragedy. We see Zhou Xiaoping develop from an enthusiastic but naive young man into an engaging and passionate character who has established genuine friendships with many Aboriginal people. Xiaoping’s art practice incorporates an inventive […]

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OCHRE AND INK DVDs are available in Australia from RONIN FILMS. The DVD includes extras – ‘Making Ochre and Ink’ (24:30) and Official Trailer (2:12)